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Mission Orgasm

This Parodevi Pictures’ production from Agents of Ishq is a kaleidoscopic must-watch that takes us into the poorly understood ‘galaxy’ of female orgasm and sexual pleasure through a mobile-phone game – A Little Death – that helps people navigate this terrain unfamiliar to many in an exciting and accessible way.
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Circle of Trust

None of these characters is perfect but in their imperfections we can learn more about body positivity, gender sensitivity, privilege, consent, unconscious and implicit bias, sexuality, masculinity, their intersections with class, religion, race, age, and more.
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Poem: ‘The thing about crushes’

The thing about crushes, is that eventually they stop being that. I’m not saying love dies or anything, I’m just saying, that Love never was and sometimes it takes a few months of tumbling across perfumed bedsheets

Interview – Abha Khetarpal

Abha Khetarpal is a disability rights activist and self-advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and President of Cross the Hurdles, a resource centre for online counselling, information, education and mentoring, focussing on issues of disability. Abha has lived experience of mobility issues and the challenges that arise as a consequence. On the subject of dating, Abha says…
In Plainspeak English Audit In Plainspeak English Audit 100% 10 Still from the film 'Queen'. Kangana Ranaut in an aisle in a convenience store. Screen reader support enabled. Still from the film 'Queen'. Kangana Ranaut in an aisle in a convenience store.

From hysteria to orgasms –The story of sex toys

I don’t know if any of you had noticed the recent article[i] in the newspapers about the new sex doll built using artificial intelligence and robotics. For those wondering what is so special about it, this doll aims to engage with its user at not only the physical level but also at an intellectual and…