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Poem: ‘The thing about crushes’

The thing about crushes


The thing about crushes

is that eventually they stop

being that.


I’m not saying love dies or anything

I’m just saying

that Love never was

and sometimes it takes a few months of


⃞      tumbling across perfumed bedsheets

⃞      holding beers against the back of her neck to Get Her Attention

⃞      passing a smoke back and forth and trying not to ash on the cat’s back

⃞      noticing she only texts you when her crystals are charged

(and you’re never going to know what that means because you asked once and she called you insensitive and wouldn’t text you back for 2 weeks)


to recognise that

that shape you saw that one night

flickering against the horizon of orgasm

that destination you’d nicknamed love

was never love at all.


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Article written by:

Breton Lalama (they/he) is a queer, trans human who combines mediums to encourage sociopolitical dialogue and bring attention to the weird parts of everyday life. They really like tomato soup. In his work, they are currently excited by explorations of identity and multiplicity. You can find their work in Harlot X Trans Sex Workers Zine, Feels Zine, Open Heart Forgery, Crush Zine, Saved By Sex Ed, Toho Journal. Breton is grateful to be part of Nightwood Theatre’s Write From The Hip cohort, 2020-2021.