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The Mask of Age

As advocates of safe, inclusive and sexuality-affirming spaces, we can explore different ways to ensure that the people we are interacting with on dating platforms are legal adults and are not merely wearing a mask of adulthood.
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इच्छाओं की विरोधी, इच्छाएँ

वापस फिर एक बार, पोस्टर पर लिखी गयी घोषणा पर लौटते हुए - पहली बार ‘कानूनन’ सेक्स कर पाने के अपने अनुभव को ज़ाहिर करने की इस घोषणा में एक बहुत ही शक्तिशाली सांकेतिक संदेश निहित है जो हमें सेक्स में ज़्यादा चरम आनंद लेने में भले ही मदद न करे लेकिन मुक्ति के चिन्ह हमेशा धनी लोगों द्वारा किए जा रहे दिखावे की तरह नहीं होते, उनमें एक प्रभावी संदेश निहित होता है।
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Issue in Focus – Desire and Sexuality

Any desire, not necessarily or narrowly sexual, but perhaps related to sexuality, such as independence, equality, gender role-bending, controlling your own finances, eating the food you’d like to eat as opposed to the food your spouse desires, wearing the clothes you’d like to wear, birth control, choosing to have or not to have children … any of these desires would have only that importance that the individual concerned is able to apportion to it.

Interview – Madhu Mehra – Part 2

I think that the level of power that law makers, opinion builders and stakeholders wield over the more vulnerable and younger people in society is enormous. Yet, these actors have chosen to focus only on building a policy regime of sexual violence, even to the extent of allowing juvenile offenders to be treated as adult accused – without any corresponding effort to build a sex positive culture within which they may exercise agency.

Not a Job for Women?

A year ago, just ten minutes after I had landed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. I was introduced to this young lawyer – not the least bit enthusiastic, a big critic of the law, of lawyers, of the High Court, and most importantly, of women. “Let me tell you a secret: law is not a profession for girls,” said he.
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On the Rights of Women in ‘NRI’ Marriages

Often, these marriages are performed in great haste as the groom comes to India for a short holiday. In their enthusiasm to clinch, what appears to be a highly desirable marriage alliance, which will open up new opportunities, exposure and happiness to their daughter, the parents may throw caution to the wind and seal the match.
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Illegally Adult: The Strange Case of Alisha Major

She was 17 when she was rescued from a dance bar. Now she's 18 and she wants to go back. As an adult. And dance again. That's what Alisha wrote in a letter to the Child Welfare Committee. Alisha’s letter may be one of a kind. It doesn’t matter. It may even be a scam of sorts, in that she was pushed to write it. Doesn't matter. What’s interesting is the jumble that it throws up, if you look at her choices through eyes that are not hers.
A poster with a collage of photos of women engaged in various activities. One young woman in a saree is carrying bricks on her forhead; another in a dress of a lawyer is smiling; another in a suit is working as if in a BPO; another in a doctor's coat and white gloves is preparing an injection; an older woman in a saree is a teaching a group of older men and women; three young girls at a start line of a race; three young girls wearing teeshorts saying India celebrating a sports victory holding an Indian flag; an aged woman, etc.

हिंसा और कानून; कार्यस्थल पर महिलाओं का यौन उत्पीड़न

काम करने वाली जगहों पर महिलाओं का यौन उत्पीड़न एक कड़वी सच्चाई है। यह महिलाओं के अस्तित्व, उनकी सेहत और श्रम को चोट पहुंचाता है; साथ ही उन्हें रोज़गार छोड़ने तक पर मजबूर कर देता है। महिला श्रमिकों को यह मौका ही नहीं मिलता कि वो पुरुषों की तरह बराबरी से अपना योगदान दे सकें। इस गैर-बराबरी की वजह से संस्थाओं, फैक्ट्री, और कम्पनिओं और इन जैसी तमाम काम करने की जगहों को, समाज और देश की अर्थव्यवस्था को काफ़ी नुकसान हो रहा है।
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Other Than Marriage and Blood

In the debates around the need to expand the rights that accrue through marriage to same-sex couples, what is often lost are the forms of legal recognition of relationships not in the nature of marriage or blood. As the nature of traditional relationships changes across India, with more people opting to live singly or with friends, we really need to begin thinking seriously about new forms of legal recognition.