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Miss Moti, wearing a tunic and in a gymnastics pose. The text "throw kindness around like confetti' is written around her

Interview: Kripa Joshi

Kripa Joshi, an Illustrator and Comic Artist from Nepal, is the creator of Miss Moti, a character who defies stereotypical notions of how a person should look, feel and be. Kripa’s own experiences growing up as a plump person and her struggles with weight, have informed and inspired Miss Moti.


She was 17 when she was rescued from a dance bar. Now she’s 18 and she wants to go back. As an adult. And dance again. That’s what Alisha wrote in a letter to the Child Welfare Committee. Alisha’s letter may be one of a kind. It doesn’t matter. It may even be a scam of sorts, in that she…
A black-and-white photo of a woman in jeans and tee-shirt bent down to clean a glass vitrine in a museum.

Review: Art in the Age of Maintenance Work

Written in one sitting in Philadelphia, Ukeles’ manifesto was a manifestation of the rage she felt when she was pregnant with her first child and a male mentor proclaimed, “Well, Mierle, I guess you know you can’t be an artist now.”
Painting of women sitting on the ground cross legged. One is rubbing the back of another. They are all looking solemn.

Brushstrokes: Seeing Through The Bold Strokes of Amrita Sher-Gil

To some Amrita Sher-Gil is the ‘Indian Frida Kahlo’. This month we feature five of her paintings which show women from varying walks of life, different socioeconomic classes and ages. Drawing inspiration from her own cross-cultural experiences, her mixed parentage, her art school background in Paris, and her own queer sexuality, Sher-Gil uses bold strokes and earthy…
A hand holds up the cover of a book which reads, 'I, Kusama, am the modern Alice in Wonderland.'

Art and Activism: Strange bedfellows?

You’d think art and activism would be chummy pillow mates but they’re often strange bedfellows  Art. Activism. Aesthetics. Politics. This is the problem with words. Sometimes they snake up on you like cobras, twisting, turning, hissing and spitting right back at you. *** Problem no 1. The word ‘art’ is used too loosely. Is everything…