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Movement and Sexuality

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Editorial – Movement and Sexuality

This issue of In Plainspeak while inviting us to embrace the joys and pleasure in movement, also questions the ways in which movements are facilitated or obstructed, visibilised or invisibilised, and the spaces that we must envision to find freedom in/to movement.
लेखिका जपलीन पसरीचा एवं उनके स्काई डाइविंग प्रशिक्षक आसमान में स्काई डाइविंग उपकरण से एक साथ बंधे हुए है और स्काई डाइविंग कर रहे हैं

भारत में एकल यात्रा

मैं भली भांति जानती हूँ कि यात्राएं करने से आपका जीवन ‘बदल’ जाने और ‘सबको करनी चाहिए’ के विचारों के बारे में अनेक कथाएँ और कहानियाँ प्रचलन में हैं। मैं यह भी जानती हूँ कि यात्रा कर पाना एक विशेष तरह की सुविधा, एक विशेषाधिकार है और हर कोई जीवन में यात्राएं नहीं कर पाता।
लकड़ी के तल वाले कमरे में काले रंग के परदे लगे है, जिसमे कुछ लड़कियां आपस में रंग बिरंगे रिब्बंस के साथ खेल रही है

आत्मबोध व अभिव्यक्ति – डांस मूवमेंट थेरेपी

डांस मूवमेंट थेरेपी वर्कशाप के उन तीन दिनों में मुझे पता चला कि मेरे मन, मस्तिष्क और शरीर के बीच जैसे कोई सामंजस्य था ही नहीं, और कैसे आमतौर पर पारंपरिक मौखिक कार्यशालाओं में शरीर और मन के बीच के इस संबंध को नज़रअंदाज़ कर दिया जाता है।

A Trip To Delhi: Women Reclaiming Freedom Of Movement & Space

This post was originally posted here. By Sheelalipi Sahana January 29, 2021 — In 1932, four Urdu writers caused a furore with their publication of Angaarey (Burning Coals), a collection of short stories and plays. This served as the manifesto inaugurating the Progressive Writers Movement and harkening a ban on the anthology on the grounds…


This post was originally posted here. By Njeri Gateru November 9, 2017 — “Do you remember the first time you used the internet?” someone asked at the APC Making a Feminist Internet gathering in Malaysia this October. I do not. Nevertheless, I do remember being fascinated by the word GOOGLE. I rolled it around my…
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Issue in Focus

Expanding contexts give the word ‘movement’ different meanings and value. Physical, conceptual, technological, relationship, emotional, mental, power, knowledge, ability, access, may be amongst the contexts immediately identified.
Photograph of a woman with long hair in red sari, sitting with a brown dog against a background of bushes with vines and pink azaleas. The woman is resting her chin on one hand and petting the dog with the other.

Interview – Tishani Doshi

I’ve essentially thought of movement as a kind of freedom, but one that has the capacity to destabilise you in some way. My most creative moments are when I’m not moving, when I am in fact rooted and still.

High Heels and Loose-fitting Clothes: Movement Unfettered

As I reached puberty, well-meaning family members said that I should start being more ladylike; I believe that this is the same socialising they had received when they had reached puberty. Being ladylike meant maintaining a specific type of posture, not wearing clothes that revealed the developments in my body, always sitting cross-legged and with…