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Two Poems: ‘Only sometimes’ & ‘No filter’

Photo of a trees in a forest. There is little distance between the trees. At the centre is a singular tree with twisting and gnarly branches.

Only sometimes


Sometimes my love is

as expansive as the earth itself


None of the restlessness of a filly

High-strung and bounding

with purpose it is yet to realise

Sometimes I could lie back

and watch you from this distance

At ease

Knowing without reason

that it is enough

to love and not own



only sometimes


No filter


It has been ages, hasn’t it?

Distance in miles, distance in minutes, distance in memories, which is the farthest?

Lapsed conversations may become a habit, you say; termites eating through bonds of wood, fattening themselves up on unspoken stories

Stream of consciousness is streaming nonsense. #nofilter

What am I saying, you ask

Were I to die today, I’ll have only three pallbearers I can call friends

What am I saying, you ask again

Not a thing, I say. Go back to your day. Just wanted to say, hey. It went a bit astray.


Cover Image: Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash