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Love and Sexuality

A roadside board reads, "Have your awkward Tinder dates here.

Why I’ve Stopped Going on Tinder Dates

I ressurected my account to be more pointed about who should swipe me left or right. But the problem wasn’t my bio, strategy or the app. It’s one thing to have loved and lost. It’s another thing to have gone on a spree of Tinder dates and gained nothing at all. Not even a perspective…
A woman in a white sleeveless tee shirt.

कहे अनकहे संवाद

प्यार की अभिव्यक्ति कई रूपों में की जा सकती है और इसी तरह यौनिकता और इसे व्यक्त करने के भी कई तरीके होते हैं। हम सच्चाई को अधिक करीब से देख सकते हैं अगर हम इन सभी तरीकों को समझे और समग्र रूप से जाने।
Black and white sketch of a girl sitting on a sofa. She has shoulder-length hair and is wearing a casual tunic and jeans


Recurring themes of women and loneliness occur in the illustrations of Idalia Candelas. Her drawings are a mix of ink, watercolor, and collage combined with digital illustration. We see loneliness at the door, as the only visitor in these seductive and silent works of women in repose. And it’s not just the women who are…
Two women kissing each other.

How Lesbians in India Redefine the Idea of Community

I have always loved the Internet. Its potential to provide information and connect people has always amazed and enthralled me. Hence, I decided to look at how queer women in India, lesbian and bisexual women in particular, use the Internet to meet other queer women. I looked at three dating sites in particular, PinkSofa, OKCupid and Mingle2, apart from the usual social media sites.
A fist. A heart is drawn on the wrist.

The Editorial: Love and Sexuality

The Love and Sexuality issues this month have a few more articles than usual, and it probably reflects on how every one of us has something to say on the matter. Our writers attempt to crawl out of the tunnel of ‘legitimate’ love and sexuality.
A woman in a white sleeveless tee shirt.

Issue In Focus: The Conversations We Don’t Have

A long, long time ago, in a room far, far away, I remember playing at being a mythological hero I cannot name for fear of mass hysteria. My childhood friend was wife to my hero. As I, hero, stepped toward the edge of the room, on my way to the forest to hunt (!?) and…
Pencil drawing of a naked woman. Her legs are spread apart, and she is having an orgasm. Screen reader support enabled. Pencil drawing of a naked woman. Her legs are spread apart, and she is having an orgasm.

How To Make Me Come

This piece won’t write itself as an opinion piece or a review of experiences that happened or were bound to happen. Neither does it intend to chain itself within a specific notion of what it entails when love and sexuality intermingle. Rather it resonates more as a long interior monologue that tries to pen down…
A woman swimming in a dark green-blue sea.

The Long Route to Being Comfortable With My Sexuality

I have been out of school for close to five years. I recently met up with a friend from school after a very long time, and we got down to talking about how our peers and we have changed drastically compared to who we were back in school, and who we were expected to become…
In Plainspeak English Audit In Plainspeak English Audit 100% 10 A Hindu bride placing a ring on the groom's finger. Screen reader support enabled. A Hindu bride placing a ring on the groom's finger.

The Confidence of a Married Woman

I envy confident women. It could be the way a woman speaks her mind, the way she dresses, or just her self-assured body language in a room full of people that blows me away. In my view, there is a confidence that comes naturally, and one that strengthens with one’s upbringing. I seem to lack…
Closeup of twigs.

The Questions Game

What is something I do that makes you feel good? when you lay your hands on the upper part of my back where do you feel it – on your body – when i say i love you?
Two women dancing in a strip club. Their clothes shine in green neon light in the dark background.

Playing With Love

I’m a sucker for love. And I don’t want to be a party pooper either. There is lots I have been wanting to say about love, and here’s my chance. A scene flashes through my head. The Delhi High Court. A (Section) 377 hearing in the summer of 2009. As we sat at the back,…
Modern Art

An (A)sexual Awakening

I had my sexual awakening in college. Or rather, the realisation that I would never have a ‘sexual awakening’ hit me in college. See, that’s when I realised I was asexual. No, not that biology lesson about asexual reproduction in plants. Just go ahead, take a moment to Google it. I’ll wait. Now, of course,…
A man in a grey tee shirt and black pajamas standing, looking surprised at something.

Video Page: ‘How Can It Be’

A moving short film by Mira Nair on the anguish we subject ourselves to when faced with the inexplicable power of love and desire. We curate videos and images based on our monthly theme, and credit and link back to their original source.