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The Questions Game

Closeup of twigs.
What is something I do that makes you feel good?

        when you lay your hands on the upper part of my back
        where do you feel it – on your body – when i say i love you?

My chest sinks a little bit, my eyes feel lighter, and my forearms feel heavier for
just a moment.

When we live together, what will be our evening ritual?
         you reading while i rest my head on your chest. you with one hand holding the
         book and one hand on
         the under part of my thighs.
         i will turn the pages for you.

         how do you love me?
 I love you with gratitude. I love you with letting you into every part of me. 

Is there a part of me you fear? 

         i’ve always been taught to fear
         a man’s strength.

I will always be in the world of learning your body.

Do you think I’ve learned your body? 

        you carry my pleasure into very deep places.
        how is this love different? 

Because of who you are, as it always is – each mind its own world, as they say, 
each connection its own love. 

Which part of your body loves me the most? 

        my hands 
        which part of your body is most connected
        to your love for me?

My hands.

       i’ve always been taught to fear 

A man’s hands.

Image: seyed mostafa zamani (CC BY 2.0)