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Caste and Sexuality

Still from the movie, 'Chutney'

Video Page: Chutney

What follows, in the short film Chutney, is a conversation – full of eerie, evocative storytelling – which not just sheds light on the class hierarchies in the middle to upper-middle class Indian household, but also the anxieties surrounding sexuality and sexual repression within it.
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The Editorial : Caste and Sexuality

A deeply entrenched issue in Indian society, the monster of caste, as Dr. Ambedkar called it, derides, tramples upon, rips asunder, and rapaciously brutalizes not only potential matings and marriages but also the most delicate and fragile burgeonings of desire as well as the aspirations of those who seek being other than what they are…
Dhrubo Jyoti shouting slogan at a queer pride march. Someone is carrying a placard "Speak up against oppression".

Interview: Dhrubo Jyoti

In November 2015, during the Delhi Queer Pride March, three individuals held up signs that read, ‘Dalit, Queer, Proud’, establishing a framework that connects caste, gender and sexuality. In this issue of In Plainspeak we interview one of those three people, Dhrubo Jyoti, a journalist who self-identifies as a Dalit gender queer person and works…
A cartoon of a man and woman sitting under a falling rain. Inside a heart-shaped bubble is written, "Our love started blooming as soon as we realised we are from the same caste."

Brahmins preferred: The Caste of Sexuality

Advancing the most penetrative and succinct theory of caste, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had this to say in 1916 when he first presented his paper 'Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development': This sub-division of a society is quite natural. But the unnatural thing about these sub-divisions is that they have lost the open-door…
Sketches of three girls side-by-side as if walking on a ramp.

General and not so General

The relationship between caste and sexuality has always been a complicated one, one that is performed through socially sanctioned practices, which enables the privileged and punishes the oppressed. In India, Brahminical practices of oppression are practiced in various ways. One doesn’t need to look too far, to understand how identities are oppressed, excluded and discriminated…
Face of a woman and its mirror image below it in a black and white abstract art.

Veiled Desires

I still remember my early childhood days when we used to get lessons on caste in our day-to-day lives. Coming from an upper caste family in rural Bihar, my siblings and I learned early on the privileges that come with being upper caste. Many elders in my family would often discriminate against others who were…