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Video Page: The Issue of Trans Victimization – Bittu

Dalit queer activist Bittu speaking into a mike at a podium.

Is Brahminical patriarchy present in queer spaces? How can marginalised groups effectively advocate for themselves without relying too heavily on the ‘victimization’ narrative? Does the movement to end caste interact with the fight for queer rights? In this video, Dalit queer activist and academic Bittu explains the ways in which caste hierarchy appears in queer activist circles, and questions the idea that marginalised groups must demand inclusion into the structures that oppress them. Instead, he suggests reconceptualising the institutions that perpetuate power disparities: change the system so that no one group has power over the others.

Watch the interview to hear more about caste and class elitism in queer spaces and challenging mainstream conceptions of activism.

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