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Author: Sonia Dhawan

इंटरव्यू — मंजुला प्रदीप 

मंजुला प्रदीप एक वकील हैं और नवसरजन ट्रस्ट की कार्यकारी निदेशक रह चुकी हैं। नवसरजन ट्रस्ट जमीनी स्तर पर दलितों के सशक्तिकरण के लिए काम कर रही एक अखिल भारतीय संस्था है। इस समय मंजुला, पुणे की संस्था मानुस्की में फ्रीलान्सर आधार पर बतौर वरिष्ठ कंसल्टेंट काम करती हैं। मानुस्की संस्था भारत में “उपेक्षित समुदायों…

Interview: Manjula Pradeep

Manjula Pradeep is a lawyer and former Executive Director of the Navsarjan Trust, a grassroots organisation working to empower Dalits throughout India. She is presently working as a freelancer and Senior Consultant at Manuski, a Pune-based organisation that “develops leadership in marginalised communities across India.” In this interview, she lays out the connections between caste,…
A brown hand holding the pride flag infront of the Whitehouse (in the background) . Screen reader support enabled. A brown hand holding the pride flag infront of the Whitehouse (in the background) .

The United States of Indian-Americans

It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that the survival of the larger group is more important than the rights of an individual. This is especially true in diasporic communities, where people are constantly struggling to keep their cultural identities intact while simultaneously assimilating to the majority culture just enough to survive.