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Author: Shilpa Phadke

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Loitering Online: Conditions of Possibility

To claim the public then in arbitrary, messy and oppositional ways, whether on the streets or online is to challenge the neoliberal impulse which is located in the creation of order. To create place, to stake claim, thwarts the desires for the sanitised neoliberal city and is a politics.
Feminist Parenting: Talking About Gender and Sexuality

Feminist Parenting: Talking About Gender and Sexuality

“Mamma, look, that’s a boy giraffe, I can see his penis,” exclaims my four-year-old daughter in delight at her discovery as we stand watching the stately animals at the fabulous Mysore Zoo. Far from cringing at the over-loud tones of my daughter, I beam at her, “That is clever of you.”
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एक नारीवादी माँ के रूप में जेंडर और यौनिकता पर बात करना : मामले को और भी पेचीदा कर देता है

सामान्य तौर पर एक नारीवादी माँ का काम, जो रोज़मर्रा की चर्चा में यौनिकता के बारे में बात करने के लिए दृढ संकल्पी हो, अनिश्चितता से भरा है। अन्य नारीवादी दोस्तों के साथ बातचीत और संसाधनों जैसे तारशी की अभिभावकों के लिए लिखी गई उत्कृष्ठ किताब द यलो बुक से उत्पन्न मेरी रणनीति है कि सवालों का ठीक-ठीक जवाब देना, जब भी वे पूछे जाएँ। हालाँकि, मुझे उम्र के हिसाब से जानकारी देना सीखने में समय लगा।
Names of several Indian cities are typed all over in grey or black on a white background. Kochi, Dehradun, Jaipur, Cuttak, etc.

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might Have the Wish, I Wish Tonight

While we were researching women's access to public space in Mumbai under the aegis of the Gender and Space Project, one decade ago, a police constable raped a young college student in a police chowki located on Marine Drive, the curved stretch of road along the bay that for many years served as the iconic…
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Open Letter to Parents-Who-Are-Katti-With-The-Daughter-Mumbai-Police-Illegally-Harassed

Dear Parents-of-the-Young-Woman-Picked-Up-By-Moral-Mumbai-Police, I write this as a citizen, outraged by the actions of the Mumbai Police in picking up consenting adults from private hotel rooms. I write this as someone who feels strongly that last week forty couples became the victims of misplaced morality policing. I write this as someone who sympathises strongly with the…
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Loitering while Female…

When one travels as a woman or indeed as someone who is not an upper caste, middle or upper class, Hindu, heterosexual, able-bodied, young male, one has to be just that little bit more careful because one is marked, by one’s location at some margin or the other, sometime multiple margins intersecting with each other…