A digital magazine on sexuality in the Global South

Author: Abdullah Erikat

a signboard marked 'private'

Who Can Touch My Privates? When? Where?

Marking the genitalia as ‘private’ is somehow expected of parents who want to make sure that their kids don’t allow predators in. However, this duty should be followed at the right time with a conversation about sex, which will open the door to speaking about sexuality
a woman's silhouette

Too Beautiful to be Faithful

“It’s fascinating Yasmina, but also scary how sex or sexualising something can be ignited from our need for beauty that probably stirs positive emotions that we consider beautiful, such as feeling pleasure. But you know as well, desiring what we think is beautiful can generate fluidity: I can never know what I am exactly. All I know is that I was with men, and I was with women, and all of them tickled something within me. "
The queer muslim experience, symbolised by a picture of three pieces of fennel, kept one beside each other. they have a light green bulbous body and dark green leaves emerging from the stem.

I’m a Fennel for Now

"I’m afraid because I bring to bed more than just one soul of a scared conflicted boy. I’m bringing to bed a whole army that not only runs the streets within me but also spills out over my body and the body of the boy next to me.”
Illustration of a naked woman with paint smeared across her body throwing her arms up in the air in joy and abandon

Run for your body, Run No Way!

It’s sad that we think we own our bodies: the bodies we love, the bodies we hate, the bodies we carry, the bodies that carry us. We saunter into this body believing it’s ours; that it has always been our vessel, pregnant with our gender identity, our sexuality, our ‘being’, ready to change ever and…