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Voices: I Am Queer

A photo of spots of yellow light arranged in a bokeh pattern


I look at you,
a warm embrace,
with arms,
heart and soul.

You look at me,
eyes that abase,
for you see in my desires,
obscene, disgusting, foul.

I tell you,
I try to explain.
The genuine, non-sexual love,
The pleasure, the pain.

You shun me off,
I respectfully depart.
I know I will never,
return again.

We travel separate ways,
as was meant to be.
I wanted just a point of convergence,
for a brief moment to be.

But, seems it’s highly unlikely,
because we differ in priorities.
For you, it’s about my sexuality,
For me, it’s about my individuality.

For me it’s important to be myself, an individual.
For you, it seems whether am a hetero-, homo- or bi-sexual.
For you, it’s about stripping the flesh bare,
For me it’s about the heart and soul that are rare.

Yes!!! I’m transparent, I’m crystal clear.
I’m proudly human, even if queer.

Read original in Hindi

Photo Credit: By Lazha

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