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Queer Issues

Photo of queer feminist activist Pramada Menon. She has short hair and is leaning against a wall. She is wearing a blue kurta, and a necklace.

Interview: Pramada Menon

Pramada spoke to us about the many roles she has undertaken in her life - from her early days with Dastkar, to her well known performance ‘Fat, Feminist and Free’ and her latest stint as a filmmaker. Pramada’s retelling of her fascinating and diverse engagements with body politics and queer issues is both enjoyable and inspiring!
Rituparna Borah

Interview: Rituparna Borah

Rituparna Borah, a queer feminist activist, and a member of Nirantar, Centre for Gender and Education, India sat down with Jasmine George of TARSHI for a freewheeling discussion, the day after the Supreme Court of India set-aside the High Court Judgment of 2009 and declared Section 377 IPC as constitutionally valid. Excerpts: J: We would like to…
A photo of spots of yellow light arranged in a bokeh pattern

Voices: I Am Queer

  I look at you, a warm embrace, with arms, eyes, mind, heart and soul. You look at me, eyes that abase, for you see in my desires, obscene, disgusting, foul. I tell you, I try to explain. The genuine, non-sexual love, The pleasure, the pain. You shun me off, I respectfully depart. I know…
A poster that reads "No Going Back", with the word '377' crossed out. In front of it, there is rainbow-coloured Pride flag.

Issue In Focus: Perverse Justice

I am a perverse nomad. My journey encompasses cruising parks in Kolkata and New York City, friendships with didis of Sonagachi and young men living inside juvenile delinquent centers, jails, and detention penitentiaries. I am 40+, perpetually dissertating, and often read as brown, immigrant, unproductive alien in the US. In this brief rumination I bring…
A photo of a landscape, with a river floating by and mountains in the background. The clouds overhead are clear against the blue sky, and a flock of birds are seen flying, one of them ducking down close to the water.

I Column: I Can See Clearly Now

I knew that I was gay since time knows when. The society made me know. Be it my friend's snarky remarks or my family’s excessive 'concern.' Everyone had their own way of amplifying my ambiguity. Being born and brought up in the city of Delhi, had its pros but cons as well. It wasn’t until…
A park in which multiple couples are seen sitting together at various points. There are two big trees on each side, casting shadows on the same-sex couple sitting in the very centre with their backs turned.

Voices: Finding Pride

In Warsaw, it was a remnant.  My first lesson in language barriers came with an incorrect translation of the time of Pride, and I found myself at the beginning of the route two hours after everyone had begun to march.  Still, as I walked the route on my own I saw the community and its…
White text against a black background which reads "Rage. No Going Back. 15 December 2013." The words '377' are crossed out, to protest Section 377.

Protest Against The Supreme Court Ruling On Section 377

Global Day of Rage Against Section 377. December 15, 2013. New Delhi, India. What: Section 377 of Indian Penal Code is an 1860 law that penalizes non peno-vaginal sexual activity. The act has been often used to target the LGBT community. When: On 11th December, 2013, the Supreme Court of India set-aside the High Court Judgment of 2009…