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Video: “Me, We, Us”

A screenshot from the video. Against a black background, there is a faded illustration of a human face surrounded by concentric wave pattern. On top of the illustration are words in English and Hindi in two columns. On the left column are the words: Language, Sexuality, LGBTQIA+, Gender, Mental Health, Rights, Domestic Violence, Sex Work, Activists. On the right column are the words: Tension, Burnout Prevention, Anxiety, Stress, Risk

Conversations about stress, burnout and mental health have gained prominence, especially during and since the COVID-19 pandemic. But, what is stress and burnout? Is it selfish if we, especially those of us doing people work, articulate and express our stress, and seek self- and collective care? What are the barriers we encounter? Where can we find the appropriate vocabulary and avenues of care?

The three-part series Me, We, Us by TARSHI and Nazariya Foundation explores these questions, and more, through first-person experiences of human rights activists and caseworkers from across socio-political and regional contexts. The film documents a series of workshops that were conducted by TARSHI and Nazariya Foundation in Delhi, Guwahati and Hyderabad in 2018 and 2019. What emerges is a poignant and passionate narrative of the need to address stress within human rights defenders, and the importance of self- and collective-care.

Watch these films here:

Me, We, Us – Discussing Activist and Caseworker Stress


Me, We, Us – Stress, Burnout and Self-Care Needs Assessment


Me, We, Us – Stress, Self-Care, Language & Vocabulary

These films were first screened in December 2021 in collaboration with Kriti Film Club.

Cover Image: YouTube