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Back of a woman with boy-cut hair, wearing red sweater, and a green shawl round her neck, looking at the view from a terrace. She can see houses and more houses.

Notes from the Field: What Single Women in Delhi Taught Me about Sexuality

The women taught me how to navigate the city, as I learnt about the different ways the body is marked in public (and in private too). I often tried to discern when ‘bold’ became ‘reckless’, and what the underlying politics of this rhetoric shift might be. How arguments were stacked up pre-emptively determining who was deserving of protection and whose transgressions left them out in the cold.
A fogged glass window with the word 'Delhi' outlined in it

Sex, the City and Hypocrisy

India is home to a whopping 17.5% of the total world population. Half of this population is its women. No, correction, less than half, courtesy the disproportionate sex ratio. There are many factors that bring so many different people together but it is shameful that of all these things, it is hypocrisy and generalised misogyny that…