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Brushstrokes: The AVR Method

A comic strip where two purple coloured figures can be seen snuggling on bed. There is a table with a laptop, two mobile phones, a slice of pizza, and a water bottle next to them. Behind the figures are two plants, a window and a bookshelf. On top left, ‘Let’s snuggle and forget the cruel world outside’ is written

Brimming with positivity, Anusha VR’s heart-warming comic strips depict the small and myriad ways in which we show or tell someone that we care about them. From being comfortable doing nothing in someone’s company or cooking and laughing together, to confiding in them our hopes and fears, feeling safe letting someone seeing us at our best as well as through our not-so-good moments is like ‘coming home’ in the world. A world in which our vulnerability strengthens intimacy by holding space for our own and another’s joys and sorrows, and strengths and insecurities, brightly reassuring us that we are enough, accepted, and loved.

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