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Because ‘Sex-ed’ Classes Taught Us Nothing, And Porn Is Only ‘Entertainment’

By Kirrat Sachdeva This post is part of TARSHI’s #TalkSexuality campaign on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz. Talking about the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education has never been a drawing room discussion. While most people avoid bringing up anything remotely related to sex, the conversation past that, one that engages with sexuality and more, has always…
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‘When A Condom Broke’: The Story Of How ‘We’ Learnt About Birth Control

This post is part of TARSHI’s #TalkSexuality campaign on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz. The author chose to remain anonymous. College is a strange, conflicting sort of time. I remember how refreshingly liberating it felt to find a good paying guest accommodation, and then discover that it came with a side order of potentially good friends. It’s…
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The Editorial: Let’s Talk Sexuality

“There is no sexuality without knowledge.” -Slavoj Žižek, Agitating the Frame Philospher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek writes and talks extensively on desire, anxiety, and the boundless manifestations of sexuality, conscious all along that knowledge of sexuality is bound to a collective language, a collective code. What happens when the code is unspoken, stunted? Buried…
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I Wish I May, I Wish I Might Have the Wish, I Wish Tonight

While we were researching women's access to public space in Mumbai under the aegis of the Gender and Space Project, one decade ago, a police constable raped a young college student in a police chowki located on Marine Drive, the curved stretch of road along the bay that for many years served as the iconic…
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Open Letter to Parents-Who-Are-Katti-With-The-Daughter-Mumbai-Police-Illegally-Harassed

Dear Parents-of-the-Young-Woman-Picked-Up-By-Moral-Mumbai-Police, I write this as a citizen, outraged by the actions of the Mumbai Police in picking up consenting adults from private hotel rooms. I write this as someone who feels strongly that last week forty couples became the victims of misplaced morality policing. I write this as someone who sympathises strongly with the…