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public transport

Where Do I Go?

As renowned queer scholar Judith Butler said, “For those who are still looking to become possible, possibility is a necessity.” This is essential but also easier said than done.
illustration of a floral wallpaper, against which you can see a door

‘Aap Karthe Mere Saath Sex?’

He sighs and says – aapko apni dil ki baat bataane ka mann kar raha hai (I want to tell you a secret, a matter of my heart). I nod and encourage him to do so. Aap bura toh nahi maanengi? (You won’t feel offended, will you?) Confused and immensely curious, I assure him that I will not take offense. Asal mein, mera mechanic ka kaam tha aur who theek hi tha lekin mere dost ne auto drivering karke ye seekha ki auto drivering karne se sex karna bahut easy ho jaata hai (In reality, I was working as a mechanic and everything was going fine but one of my friends who became an auto driver soon learned that it was very easy to have sex this way).
the inside of a bus

गतिशीलता को दबा देने के औज़ार

बाद में जब वह आदमी अपने गंतव्य स्थान पर उतर गया, तो मैंने उस दंपति से अपने असभ्य होने के लिए माफ़ी मांगी। मैं अभी भी दयनीय और असहाय महसूस करती हूँ कि मैंने उस आदमी के उत्पीड़न के लिए और अधिक प्रतिक्रिया क्यों नहीं व्यक्त की और अपने असली स्वभाव को दबाकर क्यों रखा।
A shot of a ceiling of a bus, showing grab handles and fans attached to the ceiling. Screen reader support enabled. A shot of a ceiling of a bus, showing grab handles and fans attached to the ceiling.

Tools of Controlling Mobility

I consider my daily travel a theatre project, far from the real me: I cover myself from head to toe and wear sunglasses double the size of my face. Why? Because most of the male passengers look at all the women in the compartment as if this is something they get for free along with their ticket.