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Public Spaces

Interview: Shilpa Phadke

Shilpa believes loitering, just being, just hanging out in public places, is about ‘claiming the city with your body’. One of the co-authors of the book, ‘Why Loiter: Women and Risk on Mumbai’s Streets’ published in 2011, Shilpa has authored several essays and journals on issues of feminist parenting, gender and the politics of space, the right to take risks and related thoughts and concepts.

Love, Lust and PDA

I extend my support and solidarity to people, across the spectrum of gender and sexuality, who want to break closed doors and walls to establish safe spaces where one can love freely, without inhibitions; people who seek to re-define love and intimacy in their own independent, non-patriarchal terms.

Where Do I Go?

As renowned queer scholar Judith Butler said, “For those who are still looking to become possible, possibility is a necessity.” This is essential but also easier said than done.
सार्वजनिक स्थान पर एक समूह में बैठी महिलाएँ

Not My Fault: Reclaiming Public Spaces Along With My Own Sexuality

The patriarchal system strictly enforces gender roles and social norms that privilege men over women. This sense of male entitlement over women and girls' bodies have insured their confinement to spaces where they are stripped of power, threatened by harassment and discrimination, and extremely vulnerable so that men get to play the role of protectors.