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Photograph of a woman with long hair in red sari, sitting with a brown dog against a background of bushes with vines and pink azaleas. The woman is resting her chin on one hand and petting the dog with the other.

Interview – Tishani Doshi

I’ve essentially thought of movement as a kind of freedom, but one that has the capacity to destabilise you in some way. My most creative moments are when I’m not moving, when I am in fact rooted and still.
Bird's eye view of an urban city, full of buildings

Youth, Class and Sexuality

Class is a very important factor if you want to associate with "smart" company. Your looks, your fashion sense, your taste in music, your knowledge about international issues and celebrity gossip become very important to belong to "that" bunch of people.

बंटवारे की कहानियाँ : जब मेरी दादी ग़ालिब को सरहद पार ले आयीं

गुमशुदा घरों से जुडी कहानियाँ आज दुनिया के कोने-कोने में मिलती हैं, लेकिन फिर भी देखा गया है कि लोग इन्हें जानना नहीं चाहते, इन्हें सुनने से डरते हैं, या फिर कभी बयान करने के लिए इन्हें छोड़ देते हैं ताकि वे अपने और अपने बच्चों के लिए वह ज़िन्दगी तैयार कर पाएँ जिसका सपना…


As I sit to write this piece, somehow the song Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Raat Bhar from the 1978 Hindi film Gaman keeps coming back to me. The film was about urban migration and has stayed with me all these years because apart from the lovely songs and the actors (the then-heartthrobs Smita Patil…

महिलाओं का विवाह पश्चात् ‘प्रवसन’ और उससे जुड़े कुछ मुद्दे

यूँ तो विवाह और उससे जुड़े महिलाओं के ‘स्थान परिवर्तन’ को ‘प्रवसन’ का दर्ज़ा दिया ही नहीं जाता है, इसको एक अपरिहार्य व्यवस्था की तरह देखा जाता है जिसमें पत्नी का स्थान पति के साथ ही है, चाहे वो जहाँ भी जाए। पूर्वी एशियाई देशों में, १९८० के दशक के बाद से एक बड़ी संख्या में महिलाओं के विवाह पश्चात् प्रवसन का चलन देखा गया है जिन्हें ‘फॉरेन ब्राइड’ या विदेशी वधु के नाम से जाना जाता है।
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A Review Essay: The Sexuality of Migration: Border Crossings and Mexican Immigrant Men

The Sexuality of Migration speaks only to gay men from Mexico. It is reticent on the issues of other non-normative sexualities such as bisexuals, transgender and even lesbians. To what extent are the experiences of Mexican immigrant gay men similar to or different from lesbians? If the queer political economy of Mexico and the United States reproduced inequalities along race and class lines, in addition…
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Migration, Gender and Identity in the New Political Economy

Migration is synonymous with change. Migration of an individual from one place to another involves fundamental changes in attributes that shape one's identity and that provide the margins within which one defines her 'self'. Within the process of migration itself are inherent economic, social, spatial and psychological changes that force a readjustment of one's beliefs,…