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An image of a half cut pear resembling the shape of a vagina. There are seeds around it.
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Sweet Sixteen

(A response evoked by an excerpt of Eunice De Souza’s poem of the same name)


At sixteen, the senior boy I

loved, touched me down there

and said, this is what boyfriends

do, this is what love feels like



At eighteen, when I fell in love

again, the boy asked me if his

touch was comfortable. Ashamed,

at feeling what I should not,

I just nodded.


When his mouth tasted my

uncleanliness, I reminded him, but

this is where I pee from.


At eighteen, he was only

three years older,

smiling, and teaching me how

I have been peeing wrong

all my life.

Cover Image: Pixabay

Article written by:

Tapaswinee is studying for her Masters degree in Gender Studies at Ambedkar University, Delhi. She is from Kolkata and since the lockdown in March, has been in her hometown. Her poem Chai-Sutta has been published in the anthology Quesadilla and Other Adventures, Hawakal Publishers. Her poem Kashmir for India has been published in the e-magazine, Kashmir-Lit.