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A photo of Anjali Gopalan, who has short black and gray hair and dark eyes. Anjali is smiling, wearing a light pink dupatta. Source: Naz Foundation


In October 2013, Anisha Dutt from TARSHI interviewed Anjali Gopalan, Founder and Executive Director of The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, an NGO dedicated to the fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic in India, for the inaugural issue of the blog.

During our interaction with her, she shared with us some of the challenges she faced and her experience over the years working in the field of Sexual Rights.

In her interview, she talks about her work with the MSM (men who have sex with men) group, about the positive changes and challenges post the 377 judgement by the Delhi High Court 2009, India’s approach to fighting HIV and AIDS, particularly in the context of the sexuality education curriculum in our schools and about her work with HIV positive children.

She also talked about her passion for animal rights and  shared with us some strategies that people could use to begin conversations around LGBT rights and HIV and AIDS as well as some tips for young activists in the field.

Photo Credit: Naz Foundation

Article written by:

Anisha Dutt is a Senior Programme Associate with TARSHI. A human rights advocate, Anisha has previously worked in the Indian and American nonprofit world around issues of gender, violence and sexuality and has a degree in International Studies from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. She is also interested in alternative therapy.