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Marriage and Sexuality

March in ‘In Plainspeak': Marriage and Sexuality

The Editorial: Marriage and Sexuality

Traditionally, marriage and sexuality have been bagged together and tinted with a bed-of-roses romance that has, over the last century or so, been unpacked and critiqued for propagating oppressive societal structures of gender, class, caste, and sexuality. Indeed, marriage isn’t just about two wedded souls matched in heaven, but about earthly ties that reach far beyond the couple it binds together. What happens when the roses are let out of the bag? This month’s issues of In Plainspeak on Marriage and Sexuality invite us to lean in and take a whiff.
A Conversation on the Personal and the Political with Queer Feminists Rituparna Borah and Jaya Sharma

Interview: A Conversation on the Personal and the Political with Queer Feminists Rituparna Borah and Jaya Sharma

Delhi-based queer feminist activists Rituparna Borah and Jaya Sharma recorded a conversation they had about their views around marriage. While both women maintain their stances of critique towards the institution of marriage, what they agree upon and investigate as their chat progresses is that marriage has a pull that even its staunchest opponents will have to acknowledge and attempt to understand.
Nepal Marriage


By birth a woman belongs to her father’s clan, and then she gets given to her husband’s. We forget who our mothers and grandmothers are. Their blood does not flow in our lineage
बाल विवाह

बाल और जल्द विवाह पर एक विश्लेषण

कम उम्र में विवाह और बाल विवाह एक बेहद विखंडित और असमान समाज का लक्षण है। जब भी यह पूछा गया कि लोग अपने बच्चों की कम उम्र में शादी क्यों करते हैं तो “दहेज़”, “गरीबी” और “यौन हिंसा का डर” आदि कारण सबसे ज़्यादा सुनाई दिए।
Abuse in Marriage, women waiting

Yellow Light

Invitation cards had been printed. Her parents wanted to get the best of everything for her. She knew that all this generosity came more out of them trying to put up appearances than out of their love for her. Instead of trying to make sense of it all, or to reason with them, she was told to just enjoy this special life event. Once the whole family had arrived, all of her father’s financial worries and her mother’s emotional ones got drowned in the festivities that took place each night. The bright strings of lights flickered all around the house, announcing the upcoming marriage to the world.