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Labour and Sexuality

Editorial: Labour and Sexuality

In the mid-month issue, Meena Gopal and Tejaswi Sevekari offer us feminist reflections on labour and sexuality, taking us deeper into unpacking how issues of labour and sexuality are intricately woven with social locations, primarily those of caste and class, among others in a caste-based society such as ours.

Feminist reflections on labour and sexuality

We begin this discussion – as it is an ongoing process of understanding on our part – by reiterating that it is only struggle against structures of oppression that will bring recognition and change in the realities of our material lives. With respect to sexuality, as feminists we have challenged sexual violence on our bodies,…

A Marxist-Feminist Reading Of Sexual Division of Labour In Family

The institution of family and the conventional understanding of the same has been conveniently romanticised and glorified in a heteronormative societal setup, without delving into what it entails for the individuals within it. Nivedita Menon, in her book, Seeing Like A Feminist, provides us with an understanding of the institution of family when she says…

Being Dalit, Doing Corporate (Women-in-tech)

This article was originally published here. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike(link is external) 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) 22nd February 2017 Christina Thomas Dhanaraj Christina Thomas Dhanaraj is a Christian Dalit woman from Chennai/Bangalore, India. She is a volunteer consultant for women and minority-led initiatives focusing on social justice, self-determination, and collaborative models of scholarship. She is actively involved in…

Interview: Maya Sharma

In this interview with Shikha Aleya, Maya speaks with a deep knowledge of ground realities about the increasing informalisation of labour and its implications for gender and sexuality, and about what labour rights and inclusion mean in real terms.