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Feminism and Sexuality

Magenta-coloured poster. On the top is written, "#MondayMythBusting". Below in white is written, next to a cross sign, "Feminism only fights for the rights of [straight, cis] women." Below it is written next to a tick mark sign, "My feminism will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit. -- Flavia Dzodan"

The F-Word: 10 Common Myths About Feminism Debunked

This article was originally posted in the Feminism in India blog. Feminism has earned a bad name for itself in recent times, so much so that “oh, you’re a feminist”, is supposed to be an insult. Feminists are supposedly man-hating witches and bra-burning lesbians, something which actually never happened in the feminist history and was just…
Book cover with white background. Line drawing of a woman from waist to thighs, naked. On top is written the author's name in black "Emily Nayoski". Below it in red in cursive is written, "COME as you are".

Book Review: Come As You Are

You should venture to read Emily Nagoski’s book, Come As You Are in public. Not because you want to make your sex life public, but because the cover with the outline of a naked woman’s body makes a powerful statement. It says you don’t care much for patriarchal notions of shame. (And it will honestly…
Painting of a bunch of women sitting dejectedly in a town square like area

नारीवाद, यौनिकता और विकलांगता पर कुछ विचार

नहलाए जाने और नए कपड़े मिलने पर बुला बहुत खुश नहीं होती थीं। खाना वह ख़ुशी-ख़ुशी ले लेती थीं – लेकिन उसके लिए उन्हें कूड़ेदान में फेंके गए भोजन के टुकड़े तलाशने होते थे। गन्दी और मैली-कुचैली रहने से ही वे सड़क पर चलने वाले आदमियों की भूखी निगाहों से खुद को बचा सकती थीं।…
Two men hanging out on a side of a road, by their motorcycle. One wearing a blue tee sits on the motorcycle with his elbows on the handle. The other, in a blue shirt, stands resting his elbows on the first one's shoulder.

Issue In Focus: What’s Porn Got To Do With It?

During a recent conversation with an American friend who is a self-professed feminist of the second-wave variety and hence regards all mainstream pornography and sex work as blanketed subjugation of women, she posed the following query, “Do you think it’s because the majority of porn readily available on the Internet today features white Western women…
A brown woman in a blue top standing amongst a crowd raises a placard that reads in black on a white background, "Keep sex sexy - consent."

Issue In Focus: Challenging Neo-liberal ‘Equality’ in Consent

In an ideal world, this article would read at Tweet-length: “Enthusiastic sexual consent is sexy, and necessary for negotiating unequal power dynamics among partners.” Bas. No explanation needed. (Actually, in an ideal world, there would be no unequal power dynamics to negotiate, but I digress.) Consent is intimately connected with power; because we have unequal…
An Indian woman on the middle of a road at night. A motorcycle whooshes past her. She is wearing a blue jacket, black jeans, sandals, and is carrying a handbag on her shoulder. Her hair fall on her shoulders.

Brushstrokes: Women In India’s Rape Capital

The city that has come to be touted as the “rape capital" proves to be the ideal ground for festering debates and discourse over the safety of women in the city. In the lucrative media indulgence of tragedy, women seem to have been reduced to numbers and statistics. In her photo essay commissioned by Reuters,…