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Family and Sexuality

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The Editorial: Family and Sexuality

The trouble with the of the origin of families is that no one knows - Kathleen Gough In her 1971 essay, The Origin of the Family, Kathleen Gough traces the origins of the family down the evolutionary tree -- from monkeys, to apes to humans -- and then across the plains of social development: from…
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The Story of an Odd Couple

A very hot July afternoon had forcibly pushed both of us inside a fancy Delhi mall. The air-conditioner was bringing some relief to us. We were walking side-by-side looking at glittering shops when my fingers touched his hand. He smiled at me and our fingers were entangled within seconds. As we were browsing through glass…
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अविवाहित महिला के अनेक संघर्ष

दीपा रंगनाथन द्वारा मैं एक २६ वर्षीय महिला हूँ। क्या इसमें कुछ भी अद्भुत है? शायद नहीं। पर २६ वर्ष की परिपक्व उम्र में एक महिला के रूप में एकल एवं अविवाहित होना निश्चित रूप से एक अद्भुत बात है। यह वो उम्र है जहाँ महिला अपने 'उत्कृष्ट समय' को पीछे छोड़ चुकी होती हैं।…
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Consent, Marriage and the Family

It was at the end of the first week of October (2013) that my maternal uncle and I went to Pradeep’s house to meet him and his family. My uncle had met with them a couple of times before and insisted I come and see ‘the boy’ and his family. This was well after a…
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Between the Nation State and a Hard Place

Cultural norms and religion no doubt affect the way we perceive the world. They shape one’s behaviour, habits and practices, and values and ethics. They also dictate how we perceive women in relation to the traditional family. In most countries, including those in South Asia like Sri Lanka, nationalism shapes the discourse on family, gender…
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The struggles of being an unmarried woman

I am a 26-year-old woman. Is there anything extraordinary about it? Maybe not. But there is certainly something extraordinary in being single and unmarried as a woman at the ‘ripe age’ of 26. It is an age where a woman is way ‘past her prime’. An age when her biological clock (read:a socially constructed, metaphysical,…