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Brushstrokes: Fiction Comic: Unwrinkled Saris And Just Another Evening

A poster of the fiction comic Unwrinkled Saris and Just Another Evening. In the background is a picture of the lower face of a person. The person is holding a red lipstick between their teeth. The lipstick has an inscription that says FAE. The person is wearing gold coloured earrings. A green coloured blouse and saree is also visible

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In a society ruled by heteronormative patriarchal structures, expressing one’s gender or sexuality outside the trimmings of what is socially acceptable is an act of resistance.  More often than not, the spaces that people of marginalised identities occupy in their homes or in public places are fraught with danger and violence. But sometimes, immediate family can surprise us as they do in Unwrinkled Saris and Just Another Evening. 


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