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Author: Shikha Aleya

A photograph of Sharanya Manivannan

Interview: Sharanya Manivannan

If you are true to yourself, and attuned to your emotions and needs, you’ll invariably find that even a core belief (such as: not believing in the institution of marriage) is complicated by what the lived experience of that means (not only discriminatory experiences, but also intimate ones).
Four illustrations on a light blue background of a woman’s silhouette wearing a pink cape in different, traditionally masculine poses.

Prescriptions of Proper

Performance and ‘proper’ go hand in hand because every performance has rules and prescriptions, so you can tell whether it’s a good performance or not, whether it’s skilled or not. Otherwise, it appears, you can’t understand or appreciate performance – or know if you’re doing it right!

Interview – Pavel Sagolsem

Pavel Sagolsem, self-described, is a storyteller, vagabond at heart and queer feminist by practice. Pavel is a founding partner of The Chinky Homo Project, and has worked with Centre for Health and Social Justice, Breakthrough India, and Nazariya: QFRG on diverse issues of sexuality, gender and rights. Ze has also spoken on the intersections of…
On a pink background, a blue gift-wrapped box with a bow

Biscuit tin

I keep on hold the colours and prints to wrap you in gentle delicate flowers or little cartoon lions and boys with fists that say Bam and Super / until I know what lies between your legs the cigar or the smile of consolation if you’re the first
A photograph of co-founder of QueerAbad, Anahita Sarabhai

Interview – Anahita Sarabhai

As a queer person, it’s hard not to think right away of chosen family. A term that has become relatively well-known by now, but not always understood I find. One of the primary support systems I personally, like many queer folx, depend on, are ones that we develop and nurture over time.
A photograph of an open, empty road in the countryside, leading to mountains.

Public Interview on Risk and Sexuality

Risk by itself is not a stigmatised subject, but sexuality is, and has been for generations. This has led to closeting, to shutting the door, on many necessary conversations about the risks to rights that millions of vulnerable individuals and many vulnerable communities live with, across the globe.

विविधता और यौनिकता – कुछ लोगों से बातचीत

इस महीने के इन प्लेनस्पीक के लिए 2 भागों में लिए गए इस इंटरव्यू के लिए शिखा आलेया ने कुछ ऐसे लोगों से बातचीत की जो अपने काम, अपनी कला के माध्यम से लगातार नये मानदंड स्थापित करते रहे हैं और जिन्होंने सामाजिक मान्यताओं और विविधता व यौनिकता के बारे में अपनी समझ और जानकारी…