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Author: Anjali

Between Fear and Freedom

This article was originally published here. These days, night falls earlier. My friend and I walk in Siri Fort Park, its vast wilderness navigable by a complex network of pathways segueing into narrower pathways, in places dark but for moonlight and in places leading to a fenced gate to nowhere. The kind only White teenagers…
An illustration of a woman walking on an empty street at night, with a backpack from which a crescent moon and stars are emerging.

Between Fear and Freedom

While highlighting safety from, media narratives often dismiss safety to: express oneself, be it through the way we identify and communicate, or through the body. Not only the spaces we access and the time of day we do so but also the way we perform our self-hood.

On Learning and Becoming: “To Whom Do I Owe the Woman I Have Become?”

I share an apartment with two friends in a cramped street across from posh, climber-draped bungalows in South Delhi. All three of us are young women who have recently stepped into adulthood, and its unfortunately timed pipe leaks and relieving pay days. All our neighbours, next-door and three streets away, know (and sometimes unwittingly discuss…