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A picture of the Delhi metro

The Metro and Desires

People in the city move from their homes to their workplaces and back to their homes. The production of this everyday rhythm of the city makes people accustomed to the sexual overtones that come with it.
Its a doodle of a girl and boy sitting facing their backs at eachoher. The girl is, wearing a yellow flower dress, looking at her phone. While the boy is using his laptop and has a red cup of coffee in one hand.

Pyaar Online: Cruising Online for Love

Generations come and go but the quest for love remains eternal. In the early 2000s, most of us millennials were getting our first email accounts. By 2004, Orkut, a now defunct social networking site, had come up. It was exhilarating to connect with all of one’s crushes, old and new, from behind the security of…
A roadside board reads, "Have your awkward Tinder dates here.

Why I’ve Stopped Going on Tinder Dates

I ressurected my account to be more pointed about who should swipe me left or right. But the problem wasn’t my bio, strategy or the app. It’s one thing to have loved and lost. It’s another thing to have gone on a spree of Tinder dates and gained nothing at all. Not even a perspective…
A collage of photos of three men of various ages, all three of them wearing the red ribbon for AIDS solidarity on their shirts

Video Page: HIV-positive Guys Read Mean Dating App Messages

British HIV-positive men reading real messages they received on a dating app respond to meanness and ignorance with grace and humour. “Educate yourselves!” is the unanimous message the men respond with. “I’m probably a lot healthier than you,” bites back one to a particularly mean message he got from someone who declared he would not…