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Video: What It Means To Be Single Ft. Paromita Vohra | Leeza Mangaldas

Poster of the video “What it means to be single ft. Paromita Vohra | Leeza Mangaldas.

In this delightful video, watch two irrepressible sex-positive content creators, Paromita Vohra and Leeza Mangaldas, in a frank, fun and wise conversation about singlehood.What does it mean to be single? Why is singlehood considered an unwelcome state? Why is Indian society so preoccupied with the idea of marriage, seeing it as the ultimate goal? Social and cultural norms  perpetuate the notion that marriage is the only way an individual can be ‘complete’ and consequently place great emphasis on finding ‘the one’. Paromita, an award-winning filmmaker, and founder of the multimedia platform Agents of Ishq, and Leeza, who tries to normalise conversations about sexuality through her online work, remind us that neither singlehood nor marriage is the only determining factor of our wellbeing.


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