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Image of Feminism in India’s video on Internalised Misogyny. On the right side of the image is a drawing of two girls with sad faces. On the left side is an image of the narrator who explains what Internalised Misogyny means.
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Video: What is internalised misogyny? | Feminism In India

“I am not like other girls”, “I don’t like hanging out with girls that much”, “She is being very irrational today, I think it’s that time of the month”, are some common statements that you may have heard or even made yourself. Society indoctrinates us with patriarchal norms and beliefs from the time we are born and these are often reflected in our behaviours and attitudes towards others. In this short and fun video, Feminism in India reveals the internalised misogyny that we may unknowingly carry and express, and provides a few ways to recognise and remedy it.


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