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Video: Sonali Udaybabu – Which Came First

the image is a screenshot from the video and has the shadow of Sonali Udaybabu holding a phone and recording themselves. on the left is the shadow of another person who appears to be a passerby. the text 'or my queerness?' appears as a subtitle.

Which Came First was made at one of Point of View’s Digital Storytelling Workshops by Sonali Udaybabu, mentored by Priya Sen and technically supported by Smita Vanniyar.

Which Came First is a film about identity, desires, queerness–it captures the essence of self-discovery.

Point of View is a non-profit that empowers girls, women, gender and sexual minorities to inhabit digital spaces. From 2015, Point of View has conducted several workshops with adolescent girls, young women, trans individuals, queer youth, women with disabilities and sex workers from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, equipping them with digital storytelling tools and gender and sexuality concepts.