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Video Page: Why Is India Obsessed With Savita Bhabhi?

“Savita Bhabhi” – a seemingly innocuous name, but also one that is the subject of countless budding fantasies: she of the eponymous erotic comic strip. The Savita Bhabhi comics – depicting the sexual exploits and adventures of a fictional Gujarati housewife – have remained steadily popular since their inception nearly a decade ago, despite newer digital mediums of pornography and erotica becoming more and more widely available and accessible. Savita Bhabhi’s lure has been pervasive across genders, demographics, and multiple generations. So what is it about this unassuming bhabhi-next-door that is so consistently appealing? How do her pursuits of pleasure become almost a cultural fascination? Buzzfeed India explores this phenomenon, in their video titled, “Why Is India Obsessed With Savita Bhabhi?”


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