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A still from delta of venus

Movie Review: Delta of Venus

Lawrence may have given Elena a world and a voice. But it was she who chose to delve into the unknown world of sexuality. It was she who chose to see the beauty and the richness of pleasure within communities of sex workers, soldiers, the elite, all alike. She alone chose to discern as well as reconcile love, as we commonly seem to know it, with a life in which she is capable of many loves.
Book cover for Ismat Chughtai's 'Lihaaf'


लिहाफ़  कहानी न केवल उस समय की अनकही सच्चाई का वर्णन है बल्कि इस कहानी ने महिला यौनिकता के निषेध समझे जाने वाले विषय और विषमलैंगिक विवाह सम्बन्धों के सन्दर्भ में भी महिलाओं की यौनिक इच्छा के विषय को लोगों के सामने उजागर कर दिया।