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The Transgender Community Speaks on Post 2015

Still from a video. A transgender person in a blue Indian suit and wearing a red bindi, speaking. The subtitle in the video reads, "In the life of many transgenders, there is the desire to study but they lack opportunities and resources."

Members of the transgender community in Chennai, India speak about their access to education, employment, housing, transport and healthcare in this video made by Praxis India. Often, the word gender is equated to ‘women,’ marginalising anyone who identifies outside the gender binary. In countries like India, where traditional spaces have recognised transpersons, their everyday lives are also shaped and often times restricted by the roles ascribed to them by these traditions. In this video, they talk about the need for agendas to provide them with equal access allowing them as a community to step outside of traditional boundaries and also beyond other restrictions imposed by gender binaries and other modern hegemonies.

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