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The largest contingent of voiceless, lonely women with limited agency in the subcontinent must be its married women. If they’re fortunate enough to be born and reach adulthood, a woman’s parents and society make sure she becomes an adult brainwashed into self-alienation and self-loathing.
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Opinion: India’s Proposed Commercial Surrogacy Ban Is an Assault on Women’s Rights

The new proposal to ban commercial surrogacy is essentially a rehash of a bill that was proposed three years ago — the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 — which lapsed when Parliament adjourned without taking the measure for a vote. The Indian minister for health has called the 2019 bill a “need of the hour,” citing a rough estimate that between 2,000 and 3,000 unregulated clinics currently operate in the country.

Reproductive Technologies: Families of Choice?

While we moved one step forward towards sexual rights by striking down Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and decriminalising homosexuality, we still have a long way to go in changing and challenging the popular psyche and the political and legal narratives around homosexuality and queer families.
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The Editorial: Money and Sexuality

Aspects of sexuality such as aesthetic taste, body image, sexual orientation, desires and aspirations, self-esteem, gender expression, reproductive choices, and more, are all interdependent with the impact of money in our lives and that of those around us. Indeed, our systemic relationship with money has a direct influence on how we ‘value’ ourselves.
A malnourished pregnant woman sitting on a hospital bed. She is wearing a striped yellow and black gown. Screen reader support enabled. A malnourished pregnant woman sitting on a hospital bed. She is wearing a striped yellow and black gown.

Surrogacy: A Gift for Whom?

The two people involved in the transaction of surrogacy occupy different positions of power. The surrogate who bears the child is not a woman with similar economic and social standing as the one who receives the child.
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The Invisible Mother: The ‘Stigma’ of Surrogacy

Mobility is undertaken for varied reasons across contemporary global spaces. One emerging reason for travel and mobility is reproduction. ‘Reproductive tourism,' as it is popularly known,has far-reaching consequences for those involved in it. At the crux of this is India’s rapidly growing and currently unregulated commercial surrogacy industry, estimated to be worth US $445 million…