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A screenshot from Robot Hugs' comic. The background is purple and has a figure wearing a darker purple shirt and grey pants. Their hair is green and they are looking curiously and confusedly at the illustration of the female reproductive system to their left. The figure of the reproductive system is coloured in light and dark shades of pink and has a black question mark in the middle. The text, to the right of the figure, says "But I am already whole and complete, and I am not full of empty spaces."

Brushstrokes: Dear Sex-Ed Textbook

Robot Hugs gives us a glimpse into the doubts and confusions they grappled with while growing up, and unravels the tightly wound preconceptions in culture influenced by, and at the same time, influencing scientific and medical imagination.
A pink-coloured vibrating penis ring.

Interview: Ute Pauline Wiemer on Lovetreats and Sex

Ute Pauline Wiemer, along with her partner Balaji, founded Lovetreats in Bangalore in 2015. Lovetreats is an online retail space and discussion forum for people to buy intimate sexual wellness and health products as well as exchange ideas and learn about topics such as sexuality and intimacy.
Comic panel. A school teacher offering an apple to a girl and a boy student, while both of them look at it skeptically.

“Don’t let your foot slip!” : Messages On ‘Appropriate’ Femininity By School Teachers In Mumbai    

“In Hindi, though there is a word for rape (balaatkaar), it is rarely used by women. Instead they say izzat lootna which translates as ‘losing one’s honour’” Viswanath (1997:323). The above quote illuminates the importance of the concept of honour or izzat in Indian society. Crucially, honour is a gendered concept as women are repositories…
A man sits on a wheelchair. He is balding, and is wearing a white shirt and plain blue trousers.

Let’s talk about sex education and disability

By: Teresa Fitzherbert For years the need of disabled people for sex and relationship education has been ignored. Campaigners want this sweep-it-under-the-carpet attitude to change Danny Jarvis says that he was never taught about sex and relationships at school. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian Danny Jarvis is a football coach with a degree in…