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Picture of British comedian Miranda Hart sitting down

Issue In Focus: What’s In a Joke?

Last January, armed gunmen stormed the Paris office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 and injuring 11, because the magazine published a satirical cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. While the world condemned the violence and mourned the death of the artists, we were also forced to ask ourselves if joking sometimes goes too…
Abish Matthew in a white shirt and black coat speaking into ear mike on a stage.

Casually Sexist Humour and the Reasonable Limits of Feministing

In March 2015, a popular Indian comic, Abish Mathew, performed at a college festival at the National Law University (NLU) in Delhi where he made, according to a FirstPost article (more on that soon), a bunch of “average” and “sexist” jokes (as if the first compounds the gravity of the other) on politician Mayawati’s looks,…
A man's red underwear. "Stop and smell the" written over a penis-shaped cutout in the centre.

…‘Raised on These Jokes’…

“Tell me something,” the 15-year-old asked her mother, “what is it like the first time?” “You, in your age and time,” replied the mother with a confident nod of her head, “will dance like an Amazon, swinging your undies wildly round and round over your head and whooping like a cowboy.” That made the 15-year-old…
A film still of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor dancing with Holi colours thrown on them. Over the picture is a screenshot of a tweet that reads, "Balam pichkari joh tune mujhe mari, toh seedhi saadhi chhori ne harassment ki FIR likha di. & she was taken seriously. #FeministBollySongs"

Brushstrokes: #FeministBollySongs

Twitter has been rumbling with chuckles and giggles over the last few days with a trending slew of Tweets and memes on popular Bollywood numbers from across the decades. #FeministBollySongs was started by Imaan Sheikh and was taken over by funny feminists all over South Asia (take a bow!). These are some Tweets we found funny…
Picture of Priyam Redican standing in front of a mic. She is wearing a black top and has short shoulder-length hair

Video Page: Of Marriageable Age

A sweet and funny video of Priyam Redican’s spoken word performance on the bane of arranged marriage pressures. We curate videos and images based on our monthly theme, and credit and link back to their original source. 
A school boy trying to move through several intersecting and haphazard green light rays without touching any. On top of the photo is written, "Trying to make a joke that doesn't offend anyone in 2015."

Being Funny and Also Politically Correct: Is That a Paradox?

I was involved in creating a social media presence for TARSHI that was rights-based and pleasure-affirming. It was not always easy to be politically correct and witty, funny and engaging at the same time. When we first designed TARSHI’s Facebook page content strategy, we did so keeping in mind that we had to put out…