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The Impossibility of Intimacy

Roland Barthes writes in A Lover’s Discourse that we begin to think of ‘love’ as an idea only when our beloved or the object of desire has departed – either when love has failed, or in the absence of the lover – that is absolutely crucial to any theorisation of love.
Black and white picture of psychologist Sigmund Freud. He has a white beard, is wearing dark round glasses along with a tweed jacket

The Invisible Feminism in Freud?

Should it have been a full stop or a question mark that finished the above title? It deeply confused me. And then it hit me. How does it matter? Why am I writing this anyway? Inherent within grammar and punctuation has always been the ability to give meaning and to strip it away, instantly and…
Picture of a letter written in Sigmund Freud's handwriting

Brushstrokes: Sigmund Freud on Homosexuality

The most common jab taken at someone who is not heteronormative is that they are insane, and need treatment. In recent years, as the LGBTQI community struggles to repeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, it is not at all uncommon for politicians, sadhus and others to claim that homosexuality can be ‘cured.’ Under…