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Brushstrokes – Celebrating Sexuality

Taboos in relation to female desire, sexuality and the body are often addressed in my work. My recent artistic interest focuses on rituals that are primarily centred on agricultural communities in Bengal that involve the veneration of fertility symbols and celebration of feminine sexuality.
Poster of the Netflix series ‘The Bold Type’ Three girls can be seen standing confidently. On top of the poster, the tile ‘Bold Type is written in purple colour

Circle of Trust

None of these characters is perfect but in their imperfections we can learn more about body positivity, gender sensitivity, privilege, consent, unconscious and implicit bias, sexuality, masculinity, their intersections with class, religion, race, age, and more.
Still from a black and white Indian film, "Aurat" (1940). A mother with her three kids.

Issue In Focus: Food, Drink and Sexuality

I met Lamai[1] at a spa in Bangkok. She was eager to talk, and told me about her village eight hours to the north of Bangkok. Her father was a farmer who owned land. She had worked with him until she had finished school and moved to Bangkok to start college. When she was finishing…