A digital magazine on sexuality, based in the Global South: We are working towards cultivating safe, inclusive, and self-affirming spaces in which all individuals can express themselves without fear, judgement or shame


On a black background, binary digits are displayed in white, as if on a screen. In the middle is a red heart shape, made from the binary digits.

Interview – #covid19 and conversations online: Listening in

We are plugged in to all kinds of data from a variety of sources, through technology, and even a window view of this space is like stepping into a global COVID control data centre. We are standing up to be counted, to be seen, to do, to contribute, to advocate, to remind, to rectify and restore, to strengthen a growing network of support and response to crisis on a scale we have neither been able to process or measure.
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The Mask of Age

As advocates of safe, inclusive and sexuality-affirming spaces, we can explore different ways to ensure that the people we are interacting with on dating platforms are legal adults and are not merely wearing a mask of adulthood.
The photo shows a girl slying naked in her bed looking at her laptop. The backgorund of the photo features feminst symbols, flowers and butterflies.

How do you Imagine a Feminist Internet?

By: Amla Pisharody In August 2016, APC along with some activists and feminists which also included Feminism in India revised and released the 17 Feminist Principles of the Internet. Often I have been asked “Why do we need Feminist Principles to run the Internet when women and queer individuals already have the freedom to access the…