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child sexual abuse

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Editorial: Law and Sexuality

In our mid-month issue, Stuti Tripathi considers whether raising the minimum age of marriage for women from 18 to 21years is indeed a one-stop solution to check early marriages. She brings to our attention the many factors, such as family pressure, inaccessible educational and financial resources, traditionally defined roles of women, and gender-based marginalisation that together lead to early marriages and argues that young people need rights not protection.
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Age of Marriage: Rights not Protection

It is necessary to recognize and address the key role that sexuality plays when it comes to our efforts against EFM. What we need to remember is that EFM “doesn’t just lead to a set of restricted choices; it reflects and reinforces a set of restricted choices that already exist.”

My Boundaries, My Pleasure

I was 30 years old when memories of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child flooded my conscious thoughts. I was sitting in a session with a client – I am a mental health professional – when suddenly, a memory of playing hide-and-seek made its way out of my subconscious mind.
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Love and Sex in the Time of the POCSO Act, 2012

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POCSO Act), defines a ‘child’ to mean ‘any person below the age of eighteen years’ and raised the age of consent from 16 years under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to 18 years. The Act provides for a wide range of sexual offences including penetrative sexual…
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Interview: Vidya Reddy

On Jan 1, 2014 when I met Vidya Reddy, one of TULIR’s co-founders, for an interview on consent among teenagers between 16 and 18, I had no doubt that she was going to flesh out the nuances and talk openly about a topic that makes most people cringe. Vidya has a background in psychology and…