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birth control

Brushstrokes: Birth Control Tales

Framed as fun conversations between friends, a series of comic strips on different birth control methods –implants, intrauterine devices, injectable, and pill, patch and ring –aim to educate young adults. By Dr. Aparna Sridhar MD MPH, an academic physician who specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Rebecca Roher, Master of Fine Arts, the comic strips discuss how…
A poster. Two pairs of feet in black - one facing towards us, another away from us is in the centre. Words "SAFE LOVE" and "LOVE STORY" are written on wither side. On the top left and right are drawn man-man couple, and woman-woman couple respectively. On bottom left is a man-woman couple. On bottom right is drawn a finger on a lip, in a "shh" gesture.

Striving to get information about my body

As a 17 year old who grew up in a relatively liberal Indian household, I should probably be proud of the amount of information I’ve had access to, in a society that believes that sexual health is not something to be discussed with teenagers. It might then be a little unnerving when I say that…