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A still from the film 'Oruvannukku Oruththi'
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Short Film: Oruvannukku Oruththi? (A Man For a Woman?)

Our sexuality is often in flux – being manoeuvred (sometimes in ways we cannot control) by the crashing waves of societal expectations, circumstances, and our own choices and experiences. But the world continues to uphold a fixed, rigid idea of sexuality, and continues to confine us within this idea, and therein lies the conflict. In the Tamil short film Oruvannukku Oruththi? (A Man For a Woman?), this conflict plays itself out in a heartfelt conversation between a bisexual man and a genderfluid person whose families are trying to potentially “arrange” their marriage. They are being thrust into a fixed narrative of (hetero)sexuality, being forced to ‘move away’ from their queerness, but their shared experiences of love, heartbreak, and struggle with identity is evidence of how their sexualities are complex, dynamic, and mobile.

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