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Brushstrokes: Illustrations That Sum Up Being in a Relationship When You Have ADHD

Two pie charts, titled "what people think ADHD partners are like" and "what ADHD partners are actually like". The first one is being equally divided in three parts with sections for "immature", "unreliable", and "undateable". The other one has a 60% section called "Loving", and the rest of the pie is divided into "impulsive", "emotional", spontaneous", "exciting" and "passionate".

What happens to love, romance and sex when you have a disorder like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Are they even considered important? Are people with ADHD really ‘all over the place’? Can they focus long enough to last through a date, leave alone make a commitment?

In this set of illustrations, Caroline Kee of BuzzFeed shows what it’s like to be in a relationship as someone with ADHD. The illustrations cover everything from dates, sex, and stigma, while also acknowledging the nuances of being in a relationship with someone who does not have ADHD. She points us, with insight and humour, to what the real differences between an ADHD person and a non-ADHD person are when it comes to love, romance and sex!

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