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A photo of a woman on a wheelchair in her bedroom. She has shoulder-length hair, is wearing blue sphagetti and pink pajamas. Behind there is an award trophy sitting on a table. On the other side is some hanging exercise equipment.
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Pyaar Plus: The Story of Nisha and Chetan

Society often views people with disabilities as asexual or unable to sustain long-term relationships. In this video, Nisha and Chetan set the record straight about love, attraction, and disability. Nisha’s life changed after a spinal cord injury that led her to use a wheelchair. She thought romance was off the cards for her – until Chetan came into her life. Nisha’s disability is now just one aspect of a loving, fun-filled relationship relationship. Watch Point of View’s lovely film below to watch the story of how Nisha and Chetan fell in love, and what they most love about each other.

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