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The I Column

A photograph of a woman facing a water body lined with blades of grass. The sky is tinged with orange and blue.

In Appreciation of Singlehood

Growing up, for me, has been about accepting that the loneliness and sadness woven into the fabric of my being do not go away with entering conventional arrangements like monogamous relationships or marriage.

Steering Through Singlehood

I am 27 now and marriage is the most brought-up topic of conversation by my parents and relatives. Now, choosing or wanting to stay single is inversely proportional to my reputation, respect, and worthiness.

Redefining Femininity

Surrounded mostly by women while growing up, and even now, my idea of femininity looks like masculinity and femininity combined. Or, at least, the idea of what ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ means in a largely patriarchal society. Gender roles were flipped for the most part in our household, as my mother worked as well as took…
A photograph of the author, Di Sands

Tomboy Femininity

When I finally came out to myself at age 16 and made it to a free queer youth space, I couldn’t wait to be accepted among folks who didn’t play by society’s heterosexist rules of masculine and feminine as polar opposites.